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Welcome to our Stud Dogs page, where the epitome of strength, intelligence, and exceptional lineage come together to define the cornerstone of our breeding program. Discover the distinguished sires who embody the pinnacle of gundog excellence, poised to contribute their extraordinary qualities to the next generation.


Fossi, our striking black gentleman, marries handsome looks with a heart of gold; his sweet character, friendly demeanor, speed, confidence, and unwavering persistence in hunting make him an exceptional stud with an irresistible charm.


Meet Touchy, the epitome of black elegance, boasting exceptional marking skills, a confident hunting prowess, and an easy-going character; his stable and loving personality ensures a harmonious partnership both in the field and at home.



Russki, our charming yellow companion, is the embodiment of joy and love, a dream dog easily handled with a cooperative spirit; his sense of humor and ability to work independently add a delightful touch to his already impressive stud profile.


Italian Retriever Championship 2016: 2nd place Exc.
5 x Int. FT Winner (CACIT), 4 x Int. FT 2nd place (Res.CACIT),
6 x Open FT Winner (CACT), 6 x Open FT 2nd place (Res.CACT)
Open WT winner 
He carries yellow
Frozen and chilled semen is available
Pike is a big nice handsome fellow with a lovely, kind expression on the face. He has an even, well-balanced nature, soft but not too sensitive, very easy to train. My dream-dog. He always tries hard to please and he has a natural, very impressive hunting style. He is calm on game, handling very well - so right away he won his first and ever Novice AV field trial in England and in the past two season got several top awards on Open and International Field Trials. He is carrying yellow and he gives nice, strong, well-boned puppies with an even, kind character. References: Streamlights, Radclyffe, Blackthorn, Limmerhult, Cosmic Covers, Waterfriend, Sasawot


DOB: 16.02.2010.

SIRE: FTCH Calderhey Adder

DAM: FTCH Kilpen Jazz of Garagill


AFP_0136 (1).jpg


Introducing our exceptional stud, a true embodiment of the hunting spirit. With his magnetic personality, unwavering honesty, and boundless enthusiasm, he's a standout in the field. Not only is he super good-looking, but his intelligence and natural instincts make him a prized asset for any breeding program. Get ready for a breeding experience filled with the promise of top-notch hunting companions, as he passes on his superior traits to the next generation of Labrador retrievers.

Screenshot 2023-12-04 143900_edited.jpg


In fond remembrance of Drake, a true champion in every sense, who left an indelible mark on the gundog community. With a distinguished record of 3 x Intern. FT Wins (CACIT) and 2 x Intern. FT 2nd places (Res.CACIT), along with numerous victories in Workingtests and Dummy Trials, Drake's legacy transcends his remarkable achievements. A big, well-built dog with an athletic yet not overly heavy build, Drake carried the colors of yellow and foxred, offering frozen and chilled semen to further contribute to his lineage. His presence was marked by a very nice expression, characterized by kind, dark brown eyes. Despite his size, Drake exuded dynamism and breathtaking speed, always halting promptly at the first whistle. Drake's exceptional retrieving skills began to shine around 7-8 months old, launching his career like a rocket. Possessing excellent style, a natural ability to find game, and an easy trainability, he became our most honest dog. Even in the hands of a green handler, my ex-husband, success followed success from the very beginning. A remarkable aspect of Drake's character was his total control until asked, seamlessly transitioning to independent work when needed—a level of consciousness few dogs achieve. His cool temperament proved advantageous on Field Trials, and his offspring inherited not only his physical traits but also his winning spirit. Siring healthy, good-looking, and easy-to-train pups, Drake's legacy continued with his puppies achieving commendable placements in Workingtests and Cold Game Tests. In consecutive years, his offspring clinched the Norwegian Youngster Championship, with notable winners such as Maxjan's Edes and Searover Kellys Reese. In 2014, Never Change Frisbee's Fortune, a Drake puppy, triumphed in the Newcomers’ Trophy in Germany. Drake's influence extended across kennels internationally, leaving an enduring impact on renowned establishments such as Limmerhult, Searover, Fichtenhorst, Atterseewelle, Limcreek, Kornay-Hunting, Lost and Found, Fischauer, Blackthorn, Maxjan Labradors, CrossSearcher, and Never Change. While he may have left our world, Drake's spirit lives on in the continued success of his progeny and the countless memories of his extraordinary contributions to the gundog community.


Meet Vodka, a powerhouse of work ethic and stunning ability in the field. With unwavering self-confidence and brilliance as a hunter, he's a force to be reckoned with. Yet, beneath his formidable exterior lies a heart of gold, making him a true sweetheart. Clever and resourceful, Vodka embodies the epitome of a versatile and accomplished hunting companion.
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