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I'm Rita, the proud founder of Blackthorn Kennel since 2005. My journey in retriever work began with Artur, and a transformative encounter with German and Austrian retrievers sparked a passion that still drives me today. Gianna of Carinthia, a cornerstone of the kennel, achieved International & Hungarian Field Trial Champion status by age 3.5, setting the standard for Blackthorn's excellence.

Chance of Dukefield, an unplanned treasure, brought speed, hunting prowess, and boundless joy. My commitment extends beyond competitions, emphasizing training for hunting requirements. With seven dogs earning FTCH titles, I focus on promoting retriever work, continuous learning, and a holistic approach to training, defining the ethos of Blackthorn Kennel. It's not just about excellence in competition; it's about nurturing the true potential and versatility of retrievers.

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