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Quincy is a little gem of my kennel. Being very clever and having a super hunting style and excellent marking ability she is the true ambassador of my line from Zizi and Ascella.

She is an extremely funny dog in the everyday life, entertaining us and herself - but when it is time to relax, the off button is also working well… a bit of a clown in the everyday life but totally focused when she is working. 

She is extremely fast but stops on the first whistle, wants to cooperate but she can also work on her own and find game. It was an event to watch her working on wounded birds, tracking them up. Looking forward to the field trial season with her, mostly the walked-up trials where dogs’ abilities can shine much better.

She is a pretty bitch with a good size, apple for the eye



SIRE: Blackthorn Xsoora 

DAM: Astreglen Goliath

DOB: 09.05.2021.

Breeder: Bogdán Bartakovics 

Owner: Rita Kökény / Bogdán Bartakovics

Handler: Rita Kökény 

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