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Welcome to the heart of our breeding legacy, where the grace, intelligence, and unwavering spirit of our exceptional female dogs take center stage. Explore the essence of true gundog excellence as we proudly introduce the extraordinary dames who contribute to the heritage of our devoted breeding program.



Ginny, our spirited redhead, embodies a perfect blend of humor, muscle, and robust build; her well-proportioned physique, agility, and remarkable search skills make her a standout in the field.


Quincy, the proud offspring of Xsoora, inherits the same remarkable skills and endearing personality, carrying forward the legacy of excellence with her exceptional hunting prowess and charming disposition.



Jive, our ebony gem, is not only an excellent hunter with a nose for success but also a sweetheart with a fantastic temperament, seamlessly coexisting with every type of animal and human in her radiant presence.


Meet Origo, the quintessential black hunter companion—a majestic figure with a robust build yet surprisingly light on her paws, making her the perfect partner for your outdoor adventures.



Meet Rozi, our elegant black beauty, boasting a stellar career, an unwavering drive to please, precision in hunting, and exceptional marking skills – truly the regal lady of our pack.


Xsoora, the black hunting marvel, enchants with a brilliant natural hunting style, impressive abilities, and a gentle, sweet demeanor that extends warmly to our youngest pack members.



Meet Pina, our elegant yellow beauty, an unwavering drive to please, precision in hunting, and exceptional marking skills – truly the regal lady.


Quail is the red devil, she is funny and beautiful. Moreover, she is very clever, learning fast, and combining very well technical things with her natural abilities. She is very good on lines, handling very well on long distances and has an excellent nose. She has super results on dummy tests she is perfect in finding the difficult birds on picking up. Due to two nail injuries she started on Field Trials only last year – she started on 9 trials in different countries, 7 times excellent, 5 times 2 nd place (Res.CACIT, Res.CACT) – this tells much about her qualities… She is easy to manage, a really perfect all-round dog.

DOB: 30.11.2013.  

SIRE: DKBRCH Michnos Izar

DAM: INT. FTCH Blackthorn Kallisto


IMG_8200 (2).jpg


She is the sweatheart of the Blackthorn kennel - round butt, pig ears and bolo pads on all legs. She is wagging the whole body when happy. Her mother is the litter sister to my perfect boy, Pike - I like him so much, I wanted a younger clone which I can breed in the future. 

DOB: 14.03.2013.

SIRE: FTW Greenbriar Seige 

DAM: Garagill Paris



In loving memory of our regal matriarch, 'The Queen,' whose presence brought boundless joy and unwavering dedication to our hearts. Always a source of laughter, her keen instincts and unparalleled ability to take a line made her a standout in the field. With a simple peep of the whistle, she would pause, propelling tail inquiring, 'What do you wish?' - a testament to her intelligence and responsiveness.

Her illustrious career, though now a cherished memory, remains unparalleled. Conquering every Field Trial in England with grace, she secured her place as the first British Field Trial Champion from the Continent under Kennel Club rules, a feat accomplished in just one remarkable week in 2009. Her triumphs extended to the highest-level Workingtests, including the Munich Cup and the revered Game Fair in England.

A prolific dam, she bestowed upon us three exceptional litters, each promising talents like Int. FTCH Blackthorn Hiram, Blackthorn Heze, and more, who continue to shine in the competitive world of Workingtests and Field Trials. Now over a decade old, she continued to defy age, embracing competition with zest. Her recent achievements, such as the 5th place in the Berg & Tal WT in Germany and a 2nd place in the Veteran Cup, stand as a testament to her enduring spirit and competitive prowess.

She has taken a big corner in our hearts, leaving an irreplaceable void. Her legacy lives on through her descendants, and we fondly remember 'The Queen,' a true champion, friend, and an everlasting source of inspiration.

Screenshot 2023-12-01 150011_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2023-12-01 150755_edited.jpg


In loving memory of our radiant yellow matriarch, Kallisto, who stands as the shining beacon of the Blackthorn family. A powerhouse of strength, she embodied the true spirit of a gundog with an innate will to please, inherited from her remarkable lineage that includes the likes of Int. FTCH Chance of Dukefield and Blackthorn Diadem.

Kallisto's robust build, exceptional marking prowess, and outstanding hunting skills were not just traits but a family legacy. The unmistakable style and calmness she exhibited, qualities passed down from her paternal side, further defined her as a gundog of exceptional class.

A masterful rough-shooting companion, she flawlessly executed under gun-range, flushing birds and patiently awaiting retrieval commands. Embarking on her field trial journey, Kallisto swiftly claimed two 2nd places with Res.CAC, earning a qualification for the Italian Championships. Although a prolonged injury briefly interrupted her path, Kallisto triumphantly returned, marking her presence with a remarkable 4th place in an Open WT in England.

Her influence extends beyond the field, as evidenced by the outstanding litter she produced with DKBRCH Michnos Izar - the Q pups, Quail, Quest, Quando, Quallista, and Quite Jona, all excelling across Europe in various disciplines. Quail secured a notable 3rd place in the DRC WT Finale, while Quest achieved success by passing the VGP in Austria at just 24 months old.

Kallisto, the epitome of grace and skill, leaves behind a legacy of excellence that continues to inspire, and her memory remains eternally cherished in the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to witness her brilliance.


In cherished memory of our beloved Zizi, a little charm whose beauty was surpassed only by the enormity of her heart, open to all with love for people, fellow canines, and an insatiable work ethic.

Zizi's endearing nature extended to her prowess as a clever hunter—swift in approach, deliberate in her movements, meticulously examining every piece of terrain. Her style mirrored the values of her esteemed mother, FTCH Levenghyl Silvercloud of Drakeshead, a testament to the lineage that defined her grace and skill.

Throughout the 2014-2015 Field Trial season, Zizi graced many trials, accumulating numerous awards and earning her place among the top contenders. The elusive win remained just out of reach, teasing with the promise of future triumphs. In 2015, that promise was fulfilled as Zizi secured her place among the FTCH ranks. Her legacy lives on as a testament to her beauty, intelligence, and unwavering determination that made her a true workaholic. Forever in our hearts, Zizi's spirit remains an enduring source of inspiration.

Screenshot 2023-12-01 152512_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2023-12-01 153004_edited.jpg


In loving memory of our remarkable Cin, a young and spirited clone of Ascella - The Princess. Resembling her mother in both looks and behavior, the only distinguishing feature was a nose 2 cm shorter, yet this minor difference did nothing to diminish her charm.

Cin's qualities mirrored those of her esteemed mother; she effortlessly navigated a straight line to her target, showcased excellent marking skills, and displayed a natural aptitude for hunting. Though her testing journey had just begun, she already revealed her true quality on the IWT 2015, earning the best points from her team and securing a coveted spot among the top 10 dogs.

In the footsteps of her accomplished siblings, Cin's brother Ilmarinen "Bosco" at Drakeshead Kennels triumphed in a Field Trial, Ireneus "Fix" became an Int.FTCH, winning the Belgian Retriever Championship, and another sister excelled in rescue work and area searching tests.

Cin's impact extended to her litters, producing promising offspring like Blackthorn Onix in man-trailing and Blackthorn Olobunni "Pepper" on Workingtests, showcasing the legacy of excellence she passed down. Her second litter (T) further solidified her breeding prowess, with young talents such as Todd's, Thrilling India, Theo, Tjara, and Timba emerging as award-winning stars on Workingtests and hunting trials.

Cin's memory lives on as a testament to her unwavering lineage, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and the gundog community.


In loving memory of Chance, who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, leaving behind a legacy of pure brilliance that forever shines in our hearts. She was the cherished gem of our kennel, embodying true Superstyle. Her heart was as vast as her hunting prowess, a style so captivating that it rendered us mere spectators, frozen in admiration of her artistry.

Through Chance, we were blessed with a generation of remarkable offspring, such as Int. FTCH, S & FI JCH, FI FTCH, DK FTW Blackthorn Bion "Laslo" and Int. FTCH Blackthorn Biham, Blackthorn Dirah "Donna," Blackthorn Dshubba "Jean," and Blackthorn Jummi "Dash." Each one a testament to Chance's exceptional lineage and her enduring spirit.

Though the years have passed, Chance's spirit remains undiminished as she continues to grace picking up days. She enjoys a well-deserved retirement, sharing her golden years with her dear friend Miklós Janecskó, who tends to her needs and lavishes her with affection. In the tapestry of our memories, Chance's legacy shines eternally, a beacon of the Superstyle that defined her extraordinary life.

Screenshot 2023-12-17 142551_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2023-12-17 142829_edited.jpg


In cherished memory of Int. & H FTCH Gianna of Carinthia, who has gracefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge, bringing her remarkable journey to a close.

Gianna enjoyed a life filled with joy and serenity, meeting her end with grace and ease. In the morning, she still reveled in the company of her companions, running freely in the fields. By evening, her strength waned, and her heart found its peaceful rest.

During her prime, Gianna emerged as one of the finest dogs of her time, triumphing in Working Tests, Field Trials, picking ups, and challenging rough shooting days. Her contributions to our kennel and the knowledge she imparted on training a true field trial dog are immeasurable.

Gianna marked a significant milestone as my first working line Labrador, serving as the foundational cornerstone of my kennel. Her extraordinary legacy lives on through her exceptional quality in her offspring and grandchildren, residing forever in our hearts.

Gianna's remarkable influence extended to the world through four remarkable litters, birthing outstanding dogs such as GB & Int. FTCH Blackthorn Ascella, Int. FTCH Blackthorn Achenar, FTW Blackthorn Albireo, Int. FTCH Blackthorn Grus, Blackthorn Eos (2nd on Novice FT in England), and DRC WT CH Blackthorn Enki. In the tapestry of time, Gianna's legacy remains a vibrant testament to her enduring spirit.

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