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DOB: 27. February 2013 / # 981000004921789


SIRE: FTCH Waterford Ganton

DAM: FTCH Lockthorn Tara


BREEDER: Mr D & Mrs M Marx

OWNER: Carsten René Andersen

HANDLER: Carsten René Andersen

What´s about Stoney?

2010 - present

2010 - present

"Stoney is a fantastic dog to work with. He only wants what’s best for me.

On hunting he is quickly in the field and he is searching where he should and if the game is not found he will enlarge the searching circle.

He apports spontaniously all sorts of game and he returns fast. He is working with great entusiasm both in cover and in water.

He is a dog whose only interest is to make his handler happy.

His first A-test was a driven-test – he became 2nd with Certiticate

Next test was walk-up on partridges and here he got 1. place with Certiticate


The latest test on the 27th of November was a driving test – he won with Certiticate and is now a danish Champion.


We just participated in the Danish Elite-Test – we were amongst the last 7 dogs and got a distinction. Also he is qualified for next years Elite-Test."


Carsten R. Andersen


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