DOB: 29. July 2005 / # 961001000013243


SIRE: Chatston Monarch 

DAM: Kenmillone Cerato


BREEDER: Msr. A.C. Licciardi

OWNER: Rita Kökény

HANDLER: Dr. András Kupper

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What´s about Drake?

Drake is a big, well-built dog however not too heavy, very athletic and stylish. He has very nice expression with kind, dark brown eyes. Despite her size he is very dynamic, his speed is breath taking however he stops on the first whistle.
He did not show any signs of being an outstanding retriever until the age of 7-8 months old - but since then his carreer had been emerging like a rocket. It turned out that he had excellent style, a lot of natural ability to find game and he had been very easy to train. Drake is our most honest dog - my ex-husband had been his handler and despite that he was a green handler they had success after success from the very beginning.
The most valuable thing in Drake that he is totally under control until asked then he can work on his own when it is needed - there are not many dogs which can achieve this level of "consciousness". For character he is very cool which is a big advantage on Field Trials.
Top Work Results
02.09.2012 WT Open, Punitz (A) 1.Exc
02.04.2011 Dummy Trial Open (A) 1.Exc
25.04.2010 WT Open, Oberpullendorf (A) 1.Exc
06.04.2014 WT Intermediate, Punitz (A) 2.Exc, Judges' Choice
08.12.2007 Field Trial Open (CZ) 1.Exc, CACIT/CACT
02.12.2007 Field Trial Open - Füzesgyarmat (H) 2.Exc, Res.CACIT/Res.CACT
01.12.2007 Field Trial Open - Füzesgyarmat (H) 1.Exc, CACIT/CACT




24. March. 2010 - 06. December 2017


SIRE: GB FTCH Drakeshead Indiana 

DAM: GB & Int. FTCH Blackthorn Ascella


BREEDER: Rita Kökény

OWNER: Bogdán Bartakovics

HANDLER: Bogdán Bartakovics

What´s about Indira?

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Indi passed the Rainbow bridge - The Princess. She looks and behaves the same, the only difference is that her nose is 2 cm shorter. 

Her qualities are same as her mother's, she can take a very straight line to the target, she marks well and she hunts well.

She has not started too many tests but there she showed real quaility. On the IWT 2015. she made best points from the team and was also in the top 10 dogs. 
She has some very promising puppies out of her first litter, top on competitions, like Blackthorn Onix in man-trailing, Blackthorn Onni "Snatch" on WT and hunting tests, Blackthorn Olobunni "Pepper" on WT.
Indira's second litter (T) is also outstanding, the youngsters (Todd's, Thrilling India, Theo, Tjara, Timba...) are just coming up into the awards on Workingtests and hunting tests.
Top Work Results
05.07.2015 International WorkingTest (CZ) 8.
08.03.2015 WT Open, Sopron (H) 10.G
13.04.2014 WT Intermediate, Szentgotthárd (H) 1.Exc, Judges' Choice
06.04.2014 WT Intermediate, Punitz (A) 2.Exc, Judges' Choice
06.05.2012 WT-M Velden (A) 8.Vg
22.04.2012 WT-M Tabor (CZ) 2.Exc




DOB: 21. April 2005 / # MET Labr 478/05


SIRE: Int. & B. FTCH Kelland Ross 

DAM: Int. & H. FTCH Gianna of Carinthia


BREEDER: Rita Kökény

OWNER: Rita Kökény

HANDLER: Rita Kökény

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What´s about Asca?

She is definitely The Queen. Endlessly funny, always on the job. She can take a line like no other dog can. She is travelling fast but one peep on the whistle and the earth is coming out of the legs when she stops with propelling tale: "What do you wish?". She takes a big corner in my heart.

She has had an incredible career - which is still on the go. She came first or second on every single Field Trial where she started. I started her on 3 Field Trials in England - and she won them all! 

She is the first (and until now ever) British Field Trial Champion from the Continent made up under the rules of the Kennel Club. And I made her up in 1 week in 2009!

She has been always on the top on the highest level Workingtests like the Munich Cup or the Game Fair in England.

She produced 3 litters and gave us some great promises like Int. FTCH Blackthorn Hiram, Blackthorn Heze, FTW Blackthorn Ilmarinen at Drakeshead and FTAW Blackthorn Ireneus Fix, DRCH-Arb.CH Blackthorn Lempi, FTW Blackthorn Lakja, Blackthorn Laina, who already prooved their qualities on WTs or even FTs (Ilmarinen "Bosco" already won a Novice FT in England on grouse at the age of 17 months).


She is over 10 years old and still on the go, she loves to compete! 5. place on the Berg & Tal WT in Germany in a very strong Open class handled by my partner and next day 2. place on the Veteran Cup with me! 

Top Work Results
20.10.2007 Field Trial Open Int. (H) 1. Exc, CACIT/CACT
05.11.2008 Field Trial Novice - Walesby (GB) 1. Guns' Choice
11.11.2009 Field Trial Open Qualifier - Meol Halls (GB) 1. Guns' Choice
30.03.2013 German Cup, Open Team 1.
06.07.2014 International WorkingTest (DK) 3. from 36 top teams of Europe




31. May 2003 - 24 April 2018


SIRE: FTCH Willowyck Jacksnipe 

DAM: Ö & INT. FTCH Zed's Fly vom Tennikerweidli


BREEDER: Dr. H. Klieber

OWNER: Rita Kökény

HANDLER: Miklós Janecskó

What´s about Chance?

Chance passed the Rainbow bridge but she was the little diamond of our kennel - she is the Superstyle. She has a big heart and she can hunt in a style that we are just standing still, admiring her work.

She gave us such wonderful pups like Int. FTCH, S & FI JCH, FI FTCH, DK FTW Blackthorn Bion "Laslo" and Int. FTCH Blackthorn Biham, Blackthorn Dirah "Donna", Blackthorn Dshubba "Jean" and Blackthorn Jummi "Dash".

She already has an age but she is still going for picking up days. She is living her well-deserved life as a pensioner with a friend, Miklós Janecskó who is handling and cuddling her for the moment.
Top Work Results
09.12.2005 Dunavarsány (H) FT: 2nd Exc, ResCACIT/ResCACT
10.12.2005 Hernád (H) FT: 1st Exc, CACIT/CACT
09.12.2006 Jindrichuv Hradec (CZ): 1st Exc, CACIT/CACT
26.06.2011 Pannonia Cup WT: 2nd.
25.09.2011 Veteran Cup (D) WT: 2nd.




20. April 2001 - 15. August 2014


SIRE: Brindlebay Ant 

DAM: Buttermead Crusader


BREEDER: Margit & Herbert Plösch

OWNER: Rita Kökény

HANDLER: Rita Kökény

What´s about Gianna?

Int. & H FTCH Gianna of Carinthia went over the rainbow bridge.
She had a nice life and an easy death. In the morning she was still happily running around with the others on the field, in the evening she got weak and her heart stopped beating.
She was one of the best dogs in her time running successfully on WTs and Field Trials as well, and she did a brilliant job on picking ups and rough shooting days. She gave us a lot of unforgettable memories and was teaching me how to train a proper field trial dog.
Gianna had been my first working line labrador and the foundation bitch of my kennel. She is still living in her outstanding quality pups and grandchildren, we keep her in our heart.

This great bitch produced 4 wonderful litter of puppies, from where came some excellent dogs like GB & Int. FTCH Blackthorn Ascella, Int. FTCH Blackthorn Achenar, FTW Blackthorn Albireo, Int. FTCH Blackthorn Grus, Blackthorn Eos (2nd on Novice FT in England), DRC WT CH Blackthorn Enki.
Top Work Results
16.08.2003 Cserkeszőlő (H) FT: 1st Exc, CACT
16.11.2003 Füzesabony (H) FT: 1st Exc, CACIT/CACT
24.10.2004 Besenyőtelek (H) FT: 1st Exc, CACT
25.10.2004 Würmla FT: 1st Exc, CACIT
German Cup 2004 WT: 2nd in team
15.06.2006 Kefemarkt Open WT: 2nd.

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