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DOB: 23. March. 2011. / # 972274000042904


SIRE: FTW Garagill Nizam 

DAM: Blackthorn Diadem


BREEDER: Rita Kökény

OWNER: Rita Kökény

HANDLER: Rita Kökény

2010 - present

2010 - present

What´s about Kallisto ?

Kallisto is the first yellow - and what a yellow! - at the Blackthorn family.

She is a strongly built, powerful bitch, full of will to please. She is an excellent marking dog and and oustanding hunter, just like her grandma, Int. FTCH Chance of Dukefield and her mother, Blackthorn Diadem. It fortunately goes through the line, this style is what you cannot train or teach, it can be inherited only.

From the father side she got also lot of style and the calmness in her head.

She is my first class rough-shooting dog, hunting under gun-range, flushing the birds, sits until ordered to retrieve.

She just started her field trial career, first two trial 2nd place Res.CAC, qualified for the Italian Championships - when a long lasting injury interrupted it... Half year struggling, but finally she restarted, immediately with an Open WT in England - 4. place !

She had one outstanding litter until now with DKBRCH Michnos Izar - the Q pups, Quail (H), Quest (A), Quando and Quallista (DK), Quite Jona (D) - are all performing superb in different countries of Europe both on dummies and cold game: Quail was 3rd on the DRC WT Finale, Quest passed the VGP in Austria at the age of 24 months...



Work Results

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