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DOB: 16. February 2010 / # 982000146283363


SIRE: FTCH Calderhey Adder

DAM: FTCH Kilpen Jazz of Garagill


BREEDER: Mr. Gordon Hodgson

OWNER: Rita Kökény

HANDLER: Rita Kökény

What´s about Pike?

Italian Retriever Championship 2016: 2nd place Exc.
5 x Int. FT Winner (CACIT), 4 x Int. FT 2nd place (Res.CACIT),
6 x Open FT Winner (CACT), 6 x Open FT 2nd place (Res.CACT)
Open WT winner
He carries yellow
Frozen and chilled semen is available
Pike is a big nice handsome fellow with a lovely, kind expression on the face. He has an even, well-balanced nature, soft but not too sensitive, very easy to train. My dream-dog. He always tries hard to please and he has a natural, very impressive hunting style.
He is calm on game, handling very well - so right away he won his first and ever Novice AV field trial in England and in the past two season got several top awards on Open and International Field Trials (see work results).
He is carrying yellow and he gives nice, strong, well-boned puppies with an even, kind character.
References: Streamlights, Radclyffe, Blackthorn, Limmerhult, Cosmic Covers, Waterfriend, Sasawot



Work Results

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