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DOB: 29. July 2005 / # 961001000013243


SIRE: Chatston Monarch 

DAM: Kenmillone Cerato


BREEDER: Msr. A.C. Licciardi

OWNER: Rita Kökény

HANDLER: Dr. András Kupper

2010 - present

2010 - present

What´s about Drake?

3 x Intern. FT Winner (CACIT), 2 x Intern. FT 2nd place (Res.CACIT)
Winner of sevearal WTs and Dummy Trials
He carries yellow and foxred
Frozen and chilled semen is available
Drake is a big, well-built dog however not too heavy, very athletic and stylish. He has very nice expression with kind, dark brown eyes. Despite her size he is very dynamic, his speed is breath taking however he stops on the first whistle.
He did not show any signs of being an outstanding retriever until the age of 7-8 months old - but since then his carreer had been emerging like a rocket. It turned out that he had excellent style, a lot of natural ability to find game and he had been very easy to train. Drake is our most honest dog - my ex-husband had been his handler and despite that he was a green handler they had success after success from the very beginning.
The most valuable thing in Drake that he is totally under control until asked then he can work on his own when it is needed - there are not many dogs which can achieve this level of "consciousness". For character he is very cool which is a big advantage on Field Trials.
Drake is siring healthy, good-looking, easy-to-train pups with the same nice expression on the face. He is carrying dark-yellow!
His puppies are reaching very good placements on Wokingtests and Cold Game Tests.
In two years in a row Drake's offsprings won the Norvegian Youngster Championship:
2012: Maxjan's Edes (Int. FTCH Blackthorn Racer x Maxjan's Liva)
2011: Searover Kellys Reese (Int. FTCH Blackthorn Racer x Searover Cosys Kelly)
In 2014. a Drake puppy, Never Change Frisbee's Fortune, won the Newcomers’ Trohpy in Germany.
Kennels for reference: Limmerhult (SE), Searover (SE), Fichtenhorst (A), Atterseewelle (A), Limcreek (A), Kornay-Hunting (A), Lost and Found (DE), Fischauer (A), Blackthorn (H), Maxjan Labradors (DK), CrossSearcher (DE), Never Change (DE)



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