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DOB: 09. July 2010 / # 981000004021789


SIRE: FTCH Dippledodge Raven of Riversway

DAM: FTCH Levenghyl Silvercloud of Drakeshead


BREEDER: Mrs. Sandra Halstead

OWNER: Rainer Schmidt

HANDLER: Rainer Schmidt

2010 - present

2010 - present

What´s about Zizi?

Zizi is a little charm. She is simply beautiful, she has a very big heart, open for everyone. She loves people, she loves dogs and she is workaholic.
She is a very clever hunter: she is fast going out, she slows down in the area, almost walking around, examining every piece of grass, keeping strictly the area.
We already can see her mother's values in her: FTCH Levenghyl Silvercloud of Drakeshead was placed among the first 5 on the IGL Retriever Championships in the past 3 years.
In the 2014-2015. Field Trial season she was running on many trials and got a lot of awards - just a little luck was missing to win, but finally this also happened and we hope that this year she can become a FTCH.



Work Results

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