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DOB: 01. October 2015/ # 900182000260483 


SIRE: Blackthorn Heze

DAM: FTW Drakeshead Vouge


BREEDER: Rita Kökény

OWNER: Rita Kökény

HANDLER: Rita Kökény

2010 - present

2010 - present


What´s about Xsoora?

Xsoora is gifted with an excellent pedigree, collecting all the go and hunt ability coupled with a clear and clever brain which I want to see in a labrador.
My GB FTCH bitch Ascella as grandmother – who was a very intellingent and hard going bitch, best of her time in Europe – and FTCH Drakeshead Vogue at Blackthorn as mother giving all the wonderful, eye-catching and effective hunting ability she is a genetic treasure. Plenty of drive coupled with a lot of will to please – a Ferrari to sit in but if you know how to drive it, an unbelievable feeling!
She just started her competitions this year but at the age of 1,5 in Denmark she collected all the credits which even I could hardly believe: 2nd on an open (Novice) WT and a Novice dummy trial right away!
This months I started to polish her qualities on game training – and she showed to the champions how they should do it 😊 – little bastardina, love her to bits!




Work Results

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