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DOB: 24. March. 2010 / # 348098100211565


SIRE: GB FTCH Drakeshead Indiana 

DAM: GB & Int. FTCH Blackthorn Ascella


BREEDER: Rita Kökény

OWNER: Bogdán Bartakovics

HANDLER: Bogdán Bartakovics

2010 - present

2010 - present

What´s about Indira?

Indi is a young clone from Ascella - The Princess. She looks and behaves the same, the only difference is that her nose is 2 cm shorter. 

Her qualities are same as her mother's, she can take a very straight line to the target, she marks well and she hunts well.

She has not started too many tests but there she showed real quaility. On the IWT 2015. she made best points from the team and was also in the top 10 dogs. 
Her brother in England (Ilmarinen "Bosco") at the Drakeshead kennels won the right away the Field Trial where he was running, Ireneus "Fix" is Int.FTCH and won the Belgian Retriever Championship last year and has top results on WTs. Another sister in Slovenia is doing rescue and the youngest dog who passed the area searching advanced level test and she also passed the Mission Readyness Test
She has some very promising puppies out of her first litter, top on competitions, like Blackthorn Onix in man-trailing, Blackthorn Onni "Snatch" on WT and hunting tests, Blackthorn Olobunni "Pepper" on WT.
Indira's second litter (T) is also outstanding, the youngsters (Todd's, Thrilling India, Theo, Tjara, Timba...) are just coming up into the awards on Workingtests and hunting tests.



Work Results

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