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DOB: 23. June 2009 / # 348098100186770


SIRE: NORDJCH Tasco Brimstone 

DAM: GB & INT. FTCH Blackthorn Ascella


BREEDER: Rita Kökény

OWNER: Rita Kökény

HANDLER: Krisztián Sosztarich

2010 - present

2010 - present

What´s about Heze?

Heze is a very well built, smart and very kind dog. After spent some years abroad he is "back home".
He is the son of my best ever bitch, GB & Int. FTCH Blackthorn Ascella, with all the built-in qualities from his mother.
He had been trained but not competed - after some refreshment of the old knowledge he will start to run on WTs soon!
He is going for picking-up regularly and has endless pace and superb game finding abilities.
He passed in July the BLP.
He is full brother to Int. FTCH Blackthorn Hiram.
He is carrying yellow.
Reference: Coffeemilk & Sugar, Blackthon



Work Results

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