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DOB: 30. June 2020 / # 941000034280887


SIRE: INT. FTCH Blackthorn Racer

DAM: Blackthorn Escape


BREEDER: Rita Kökény

OWNER: Csaba Szecső

HANDLER: Csaba Szecső


What´s about Archibald?

Archibald is one of those dogs, who catches everyone's eye as he enters the room: a strong-built, but still very agile, stunning dog. His majestic appearance is combined with a very honest, adventurous, curious, playful personality until it is time to work. Then his focus shifts immediately and the job comes first. This focused and result oriented attitude makes it easy to work with him. A real team player, who can also work independently when needed. The outstanding ability to find the game- his scent is never at fault - and his passion for hunting makes him an excellent hunting and Field Trial dog.

Nevertheless he is a lovely dog, who brings an incredible amount of joy into his family's life.




Work Results

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